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As a consumer products-focused professional coach and business consultant, I have extensive experience in sales, marketing, and operations across wholesale, traditional retail, and DTC channels. My professional resume includes President-level leadership roles at companies such as Boardriders Inc.’s Quiksilver and Roxy brands, Vix Luxury Brazilian Swimwear, and Neff Headwear. Most recently, I served as President of the Haylie Pomroy Group in the direct-to-consumer, women’s health science sector.

I have a proven track record of success in the consumer products industry and have excelled in leading women-owned, female-centric businesses of all sizes. I also have a talent for mentoring Mid/Sr.-level managers as they take on more responsibility and advance in their careers.

If you are looking to improve your company’s performance and success in the consumer products space, or if you are a professional who could benefit from my coaching practice, I would be happy to discuss how my skills and experience can help. Please don’t hesitate to reach out for a complimentary introductory call at 714-231-7553.

For a more in-depth look at my background, I invite you to have a look at my LinkedIn profile.

Why work with Steve?

I pride myself in moving easily amongst various constituencies in multiple consumer product sectors. Although I have managed several different businesses in my career, I’ve had distinct success leading women-owned, female-centric businesses, both large and small. I excel in mentoring Mid to Senior level managers as they take on more management responsibilities progress upward on their career path.

Steve with Haylie Pomroy, #1 NY Times Best-Selling Author and Health Strategist

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Executive Coaching and Talent Development

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Sales and Marketing

Restructuring / Turnaround

Business Strategy

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Here’s what my colleagues and clients have to say:

I have the distinct pleasure of working with Steve as the President of my company HPG. We are a woman focused Health Sciences Direct to consumer E-commerce company, with Nutraceutical Products, Organic Foods, Monetized Community and Education. Steve jumped in and led us through a global pandemic. His insight and levelheaded persistence prevented us from losing everything when our fulfillment center locked down. Navigating supply chain issues, a reformatting of message, employee modifications and the launch of our 6th book during these unprecedented times was no small endeavor. His philosophy of performing while transforming is one we have thoroughly adopted in my company.  Steve brings a lighthearted comportment backed by tough as nails work ethic. He remains on my board of directors and is with me as a consultant. Anyone who has the privilege of working directly with Steve Tully is very fortunate and will be better for his generosity, rolodex, and wisdom.

Having worked with thousands of executives and knowing Steve for over a decade, he stands out because of his ability to implement strategy and lead teams to high levels of achievement. He has worked with many diverse businesses and has developed expertise in sales, marketing and operations blended with demonstrated results in coaching/mentoring, conflict resolution and working with a wide range of diverse leadership teams.

His personal style and expertise apply to a wide range of consulting and coaching. He certainly could be an asset in the boardroom as well.

In all my years of working for people in our industry, never had I worked for someone with more conviction, compassion and understanding of business and relationship management. Under Steve’s tutelage, I found myself learning and developing into a sound and thoughtful businessman and I will be forever grateful for his mentorship and his friendship. Steve is a rare find in business and in life. A class act and a gem of a human being. I can honestly say that I am privileged to have worked with Steve in my career and I am certain that others will find great value in his Consultant practice.

Steve serves as a mentor for SD Sport Innovators, where he is a tremendous asset to our mentoring program, Accelerator. I actively recruited his participation due to his incredible knowledge, experience and most importantly, leadership ability. He brings tremendous value to the program as he generously shares not only his experiences, but his vast network. All our companies, from start up through mature benefit from his engagement.

I had the pleasure of working with Steve for many years at Quiksilver. I’ve seen him thrive in times of rapid growth and manage difficult changes. Steve is a consummate professional who gets the big picture and drives the organizational mission. He’s a well-rounded executive who is very much in tune with the diverse constituencies found in large organizations. He is equally at home in a smaller enterprise in need of an executive who will roll up his sleeves. Most importantly, Steve’s an accomplished winner with a track record of successfully leading and growing companies and brands.

Steve was instrumental as the President of Santa Ana Country Club.  I believe as an established golf property operator, the most impressive attribute that Steve brings to the table is his ability to adjust to the needs of the business.  While Steve has incredible leadership qualities, I believe it is his ability to adapt that separates him.  During Steve’s leadership of Santa Ana Country Club, we took on one of the most significant projects in the 120+ year history of SACC, which not only was executed beyond expectations but also was completed on time and on budget.

I had the opportunity to work together with Steve for many years at Quiksilver. His record of successfully leading and growing brands speaks for itself. Whether I was based in France or in the States I have always been stricken by Steve’s many talents, notably his ability to assimilate, build consensus, and successfully lead in a multicultural environment.

I had the pleasure of working under Steve at Neff Headwear during his tenure as President.  Steve brought a much-needed wealth of knowledge, critical thinking and industry experience to Neff at a pivotal time for the company. I grew as a sales professional under Steve’s leadership and am proud of what we accomplished. I’m honored to call Steve not only a mentor but a friend.

Steve Tully is a natural leader. Having worked for and alongside him for 10+ years, I have had the opportunity to experience his intelligent planning, insightful business acumen and ethical approach to conducting business in a $2b company. In that time Steve held various executive management positions overseeing result-driven sales, retail, operations, and marketing groups.

Steve and I worked together for 6 years when he was the Global President of the Roxy brand.
Steve’s leadership style is a unique and powerful combination of experience, strength, and decisiveness, combined with collaboration and compassion, all while instilling a true esprit de corp within the team. Steve was instrumental in developing and executing the strategy that led to the dramatic expansion of Roxy, and also lead with vigor and strength during times of challenge and change. Steve had a profound impact on the Roxy brand as well as those of us that worked alongside him. Steve is a wonderful mentor to me, and I often reflect on the many things I learned from him as I try to lead my team with the integrity and professionalism that I experienced while working with him.

There are many things I am thankful for in my career, however having the opportunity to be mentored by Steve Tully truly ranks top of my list. Steve’s continued supportive guidance, and inspiration helped me and many others grow and develop professionally while ensuring continued company growth, best efficiencies and profitability were met. He is an exceptional executive leader. Steve is a dynamic, focused professional with multitudes of successful accomplishments. Steve has a broad wealth of knowledge, connections and experience in the lifestyle consumer products industry and I am privileged to have had the opportunity to work with him for many years.

Steve Tully is a strategic, intelligent, and thoughtful leader who guides his teams with integrity and compassion. I consider myself truly fortunate to have worked for Steve both as a direct report for five years as well as indirectly across the Quiksilver organization for many more. Steve is always mindful of the big-picture strategic objectives of the organization and it informs his decision-making, however, he is also willing to get in the trenches to insure proper execution on the front lines when necessary. He has a great ability to build consensus throughout an organization and keep it moving forward to achieve the desired objectives. Steve’s business acumen, interpersonal relationships, and reputation as a man of integrity have driven success throughout his career.


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“His personal style and expertise apply to a wide range of consulting and coaching. He certainly could be an asset in the boardroom as well.”
– Jim Gauss, Senior Partner | Witt Kieffer Executive Search